April Fool’s Jello Pranks
Mar 31st, 2011 by Jello Girl

Here are last years pranks…

Fun With Jello:  April Fools Jello Pranks

1.  Late the night before, dissolve clear gelatin, cool and pour into toilet.  It will set overnight and if you are lucky the user will be mystified by their suspended stuff.  Here is how to do it:  Estimate the amount of water your toilet holds by pouring a big pan or bucket of water into the bowl- this will cause the water to empty out of the toilet bowl.  Then pour pre-measured water into toilet until it is at about the same level it was before.  (I estimated that my toilet holds 8-9 cups of water.)  For each cup of water your toilet holds, use 1 packet of clear gelatin.  Measure determined amount of water into a pan.  Sprinkle gelatin over water and let sit for 5 minutes.  Heat over medium heat until gelatin is dissolved.  Cool to room temperature- you still want it to be a runny consistency.  Flush water out of toilet bowl with a pan or bucket full of water.  Pour gelatin into toilet bowl and allow to sit overnight.  To flush, break up gelatin with a toilet brush and flush.

Well this didn’t work exactly as planned.  For one, clear gelatin is not exactly clear so it doesn’t look like water- unless you live somewhere with a lot of minerals in the water.  But it did accomplish the goal of confusion, mostly that of why is the toilet not flushing right?  My 7 year old said, “someone put too much toilet paper in the toilet.”  To which I replied, “but there isn’t any toilet paper in the toilet.”  My husband thought he must be dehydrated because his job looked darker than usual.

2.  You could do the above prank using lemon jello in place of clear.

I think this would work well.  The person would try to flush it before using it and then wonder why it was not working right.  It would work well on dinner guests who would have to suffer the embarrassment of telling you that the toilet is having issues.

3.  Remove the shower head, put dry red jello in the shower head and replace for a Psycho-like shower prank.

This had a little hiccup in that the water did not immediately come out- perhaps the jello had solidified in the apparatus and thus it took a moment for the water to break through.  Anyway, that gave my victims time to suspect a prank.  When it did come out it, it did produce the desired effect!  Perhaps the original Kool-Aid in the shower head would work better.

4.  Put a little Methylene Blue in blue jello.  This can be purchased at a pet store in the fish department.  Make sure it is labeled simply Methylene Blue.  The first pet store we tried did not have it, but the next one did.  Just a few drops, should work.  Those who partake of the jello will urinate blue.  (I have always wanted to do this, but have been worried about safety-  I am afraid someone will have an allergic reaction to blue dye or ingest too much.)  I called my brother-in-law who is a Zoologist and works with fish and a friend talked to a pharmacist.  They said that it is generally considered harmless in small amounts.  I am going to give it a try- I’ll let you know how it works out.

I was so excited to try this one, but have to admit failure.  The Methylene Blue is extremely bitter.  I tried 4 times to adjust things to disguise the bitterness, all to no avail.  I added 5 cups of additional sugar, but the bitterness was still evident and my victims would not partake more than a couple spoonfuls.  I guess I will have to work on it a little more- stayed tuned for my attempt next year.  Plan on doing it the night before April Fools.  We tested it and it takes overnight to produce the desired effect.

5.  Of course you could mimic the Office prank, by encasing someone’s stapler in jello or your spouses car keys or your teenager’s cell phone.

I didn’t try this one, but the cell phone thing sounds tempting.

6.  Empty victim’s shampoo or body wash from bottle and rinse.  Make a package of jello- as directed, that corresponds to the color of shampoo or body wash.  Carefully pour jello into the empty bottle and place in fridge to set up.  Early in the morning, place bottle back where it was removed from in the shower or tub.

This one  worked like a charm.  I was lucky in that I was able to perfectly match the body wash.  We also had three bottles that were pretty much empty.  Prepare jello as directed.  Pour into body wash bottle and turn upside-down to set up.

7.  Make one of the more interesting (code word for repulsive) recipes from an old Joys of Jello recipe book and take to a neighbor, family member or you could leave it on someone’s doorstep with a nice note.

Let us hear about your April Fools Jello Joy!

The Joy of Jello Joke #1
Feb 7th, 2010 by Jello Girl

A Little Jello Joy!

One thumbs up and twenty nine thumbs down.  Ok, let me back up to the preparation stage.  When my son Junior saw me preparing for Sunday dinner he said, “I thought you were making Jello.”  “I am,” I replied.  He then surveyed the scene and asked, “then why do you have peas and tuna?”  Soon after he saw the recipe on the counter and said, “that is sick!  Tuna, peas and Jello?  Just think of the combination of flavors:  tuna, peas, Jello?  Mom, just think of it!”  “Junior, have an open mind,” I said.

As I unmolded my creation, my hunky husband said, “Who ever thought this up?  Did anyone ever actually make this kind of stuff!”  “Oh, believe me they did,” I replied.  There are hundreds of recipe books to prove it.”

We brought my Jello jewel in amid the hustle and bustle of 30 people preparing for Sunday dinner.  There were a few unsure looks exchanged.  I am sure my sweet Mother-in-law Florence was horrified.  What had I brought to her lovely dinner and where was my usual Jello salad?  After all, we had discussed the salad, that there would be a few extra guests and I might want to make a larger one than I usually do.  What had I done?  I had apparently put some thought and effort into this dish, after all who would go to the trouble of molding something into such a design if the intent was not sincere?

Dinner was served buffet style.  As children and adults alike made their way along dishing up food, they ever so gingerly took a small helping of Jello salad- not wanting to hurt my feelings, but also not sure what they would do with it once it was on their plate.  To everyone’s relief we eventually announced that we had played a Jello Joke on them.  Immediately my sister-in-law Norma blurted out, “oh my gosh, you scared the daylights out of me!”  Florence admitted that when someone asked if it was Jello, she was horrified and unsure of what to say.  Mildred a confirmed health nut decided that perhaps we had decided to attempt a healthier version of Jello.  When Thelma saw it she couldn’t help herself from asking “is that meat in it?”  To which Mildred replied, “I don’t know, but if (I) made it, it must be good.”

After we announced that it was all done in the name of a little Jello Joke, my Father-in-law Chevy was confused.  After all, his mother had made the same kind of dishes in his youth.  Why was this a joke?  His was the only thumbs up.  After all my effort, there were only a few brave souls who sampled it.  I of course was obligated to taste my creation.  And I must disclose my feeling that those folks who have said that “Jello is the easiest food to digest” have not tried Jellied Tuna with Mayonnaise!  Now go, have some Jello Joy with a Joke of your own- please send me your results.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent

Now Go Have a Little Jello Joy!

Surprise: a Jello “treat”
Feb 6th, 2010 by Jello Girl

This morning my Mother-in-Law called to invite us to Sunday dinner and of course she asked, “would you bring one of your great Jello salads?”  Ahhhh, the time has arrived to try my hand at a new congealed salad recipe.  What will it be?  I find myself pouring over my Jello cookbooks. Will it be a Rice and Fish Loaf? No, that would be an Entree of course.  Salad, salad… hum, what about Jellied Cooked Lettuce?  Cooked lettuce?  Really? Who cooks lettuce?  I’ll move on.  How about Old-Fashioned Cole Slaw?  Now there really is something “old fashioned” about coleslaw being suspended in gelatin.  Turkey-Souffle Salad?  That seems a little heavy as a side dish.  Maybe I should choose something from The New Jell-O Book of Surprises.  After all, this will be a surprise.  A blast from the past, bringing a new sensation for the palates of this decade.  Here is the surprise:  Jellied Tuna with Mayonnaise.

Inside the cover of said cookbook it reads, “And revel in this thought, as you serve your Jell-O surprise to an admiring family…that it is a treat for every single one of them…young or grown-up…for Jell-O is one of the easiest foods in all the world to digest.”  It also says, “with Jell-O your meals need never, never get monotonous.”  Fabulous!  We don’t want dinner at the in-laws to be monotonous now do we?  So here goes:

Is it just me or does that look like a "vomitous mass?"

Jellied Tuna with Mayonnaise

1 pkg lemon Jell-O                                          1 cup tuna fish, flaked

1 cup boiling water                                         1 cup peas, fresh or canned

1 cup cold water                                             2 tablespoons pimiento

2 tablespoons vinegar                                    1/2 cup mayonnaise

1 teaspoon salt

Dissolve Jell-O in boiling water.  Add cold water, vinegar, and salt.  Chill. When slightly thickened, fold in remaining ingredients.  Turn into mold.  Chill until firm.  Unmold on crisp lettuce.  Garnish with additional mayonnaise.

Now go have some Jello Joy of your own!

Congealed Comeback
Feb 5th, 2010 by Jello Girl

Jello SaladIsn’t it interesting how times change?  In the 30’s hats, gloves and clutch purses were popular.  In the 40’s we had page boy haircuts and full skirts.  The 50’s brought ponytails and beehives.  In the 60’s we saw mini skirts and bell bottoms.  In the 70’s there were leisure suits and platform shoes.  You get my point.  Isn’t it weird that food is fadish as well?  I mean does anyone eat stewed prunes anymore?  Most kids today have never even seen a jar of molasses.  Does anyone take the trouble to make petit fours anymore?  Chinese, Italian, Mexican food all had it’s time in the limelight with a plethora of cookbooks, but now it is ordinary.  Everyone knows how to make spaghetti or enchilladas.  Then came Thai food.  What is it now?  I don’t know.  I guess I am not feeling the pulse on that one, but let’s talk about congealed salads.  I mean they were big in the 30’s.  They appealed to the depression era housewife that wanted to stretch her food dollar.  What could be better than morphing leftover tuna into another meal with the help of Jello?  We often see a comeback of fashion fads.  My son’s hair looks strikingly similar to the Beatles or the boys pictured in the New Joys of Jell-O cookbook published in the 70’s.  What about food fads?  Why don’t we see a comeback of food fads?  We are in a economic crisis right now.  So I can’t help thinking that it would be most appropriate for the congealed salad to make it’s appearance in the limelight once again.  The economic tide is about to turn.  Ladies pull out those recipe books gathering dust in your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother’s cupboards.  We can make a difference in these hard times.  Obama we can turn things around.  “Yes we can!”  We need look no further than Jello.  Let’s see what we can do with the congealed salad.  Now go have a little Jello Joy!

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