Jello week Jello contest
Feb 15th, 2013 by Eunice

*Voting for jiggling Jello posts is now closed.  You can still comment on your favorite though, we love to get comments!

We have decided to celebrate Jello Week by posting top Jiggling Jello posts from around the web!  We found these fabulous Jello blog posts and have let the bloggers/jello masters know that they have been selected for our contest.  Vote for your favorite in a comment on this post or on our facebook page and the winner will receive a grand Jello prize!

Now for our contestants….

Great tutorial for Gelatin Bubbles from…  These go on our must make list from, Tami Utley sugar art.

A beautiful key lime pie from, Bonzai beadwear.

These look positively refreshing and delicious from, Yin Mom Yang Mom

So, so gross; but perfect for Halloween from, workmanfamily.

We love this candy-corn Jello.  Perfect for Thanksgiving! We also love that they are a mello-jello shot (non-alcoholic) From, Jelly shot test kitchen.

If you haven’t heard of strawberry pretzel Jello, you might want to check your pulse.  Recipes abound on the web.  Here is a different spin: a gluten free version from, feeding-a-bunch-a-munchkins.

Classic Broken Glass Jello from… I think I need to make this up for Mardi Gras with purple, yellow, blue, green.  Super job! Just Jen recipes

Seriously- Food Librarian, you are a Jello Master!  I thought this was soap.  Superb! The Food Librarian.

This is so elegant.  A romantic dessert for your sweetie on Valentines.  If you live in the U.S.A. you’ll have to convert this one from, La Mia Vita Dolce.

Here’s a Jello with love written all over it.  What a clever idea from, The hungry housewife.

Pop, Pop, Popcorn and Jello: a Perfect Fit!
Feb 16th, 2011 by Eunice

In honor of jello week, please take note:  Jello isn’t just for jiggly salads and desserts, it has lots of different yummy uses!

Jello popcorn balls

1 C. light corn syrup

1 small box sugar free or regular flavor jello, any flavor

1 C. Sugar

4 quarts air- popped popcorn

Whisk corn syrup, jello, and sugar together in a pot and bring to a boil.  Boil 1 minute.  Pour over popcorn and mix well with a large spoon.  When mixture is cooled just enough to touch, grease hands and form into balls.

* I got this recipe from the simply de*lite*ful cookbook, which by the way has some very good recipes!

Now Go Get Poppin’ and Have Some Jello Joy!

Nice Neighbor Jello
Jan 26th, 2011 by Jello Girl

Tapioca Jello

Orange Tapioca Jello

I may be an amazing jello super-heroine, but my great neighbors are always coming to my rescue!  Awhile ago I tasted a jello salad my cute neighbor made.  It was so yummy and I told her I really liked it.

A few days ago, she made some and brought it to me because she remembered I liked it.  Now isn’t that a nice and nifty neighbor!

We really enjoyed it.  I played around with the recipe a little bit and made two different versions.

Tapioca Jello

Strawberry Tapioca Jello

Nice Neighbor Jello

1 (3 oz.) package orange jello (or another jello flavor of your choice)

1 (3 oz.) package cook and serve tapioca jello (she used the one in purple-ish box that is fat free) I usually avoid fat free things- a taste preference- but we used it as well since it is the only one the store had.

1 (3 oz.) package cook and serve vanilla pudding

1 small can manderin oranges, drained and cut in small pieces.  (When I made this with strawberry jello, I used 1/2 pound of sliced strawberries.  It would also be yummy to add half strawberries and half bananas.  You could do lemon flavor jello with canned pineapple tidbits etc.  You can adjust the amount and kind of fruit to your taste- let your imagination go crazy.)

1 cup liquid heavy cream, whipped  or 1 8oz. container cool whip (personally I like using real cream)

Put orange jello, tapioca jello and vanilla pudding mixes in a pan.  Add 3 cups water and heat over medium high heat stirring constantly until it comes to a full boil, stir for 3 minutes.  Pour into a bowl and let chill in fridge until set.

Fold in oranges (or fruit of choice) and whipped cream and chill.

Now Go Make Some Tapioca Jello of Your Own and Spread a Little Joy to Your Neighbors!

Russian Cream
Aug 24th, 2010 by Jello Girl

St. Basil's Cathedral is truly amazing, but looks like it belongs in Disneyland

I’ll admit, my knowledge of Russia is limited, but here it is:  my Sister-In-Law served a mission in Russia, my husband’s Aunt and Uncle also served a mission in Russia.  I have read a little Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy.  I love the music of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff.  I use to pretend to do gymnastics like Nadia Comaneci.  And finally, my Dad once went to Russia with $11 in his pocket- luckily food, transportation, and his room were already paid for.  Now that is a thrifty traveler.

Recently we decided to take a train ride to visit my husband’s Aunt and Uncle who I previously mentioned.  It was a great ride:  beautiful scenery, and interesting people.  On the way there, we lost a game of Rummikub to an inebriated guy dressed up like Jesse James.  On the way home we played games in the lounge with a lovely Amish couple.  But the best part of the vacation- my husband’s Aunt gave me her recipe for Russian Cream.  You lucky readers do not even have to brave the horrific train food to get it.  I don’t know if it is an authentic Russian dessert, but it is yummy, easy and that’s all that matters.

I made the recipe yesterday.  My Dad sampled it and declared it to be the best thing he had ever tasted.  To which my Mom replied, “What about the things I have made that you said were the best thing you had ever tasted?”  He answered, “That was up until now.”  I don’t think that scored him any points.  He may go with out dinner tonight.

Russian Cream

3 cups heavy cream

1 1/2 cups sugar

1 tbsp. plain gelatin

1 cup boiling water

12 oz. sour cream

3 tsp. vanilla

Over medium-low, heat cream and sugar until sugar is dissolved- do not boil.  Set aside.

Dissolve gelatin in 1 cup boiling water.  When dissolved, stir into cream and sugar mixture.  Set aside to cool.  When it is cool, add vanilla and sour cream.  Mix well.

Pour into serving dishes and refrigerate until it is set up.  Top with fresh fruit.

For a party, it is fun to serve in 1 oz. disposable shot glasses.  It makes about 25.

Now Go Have Some Russian Jello Joy Today!

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