Striping for Valentines Day!
February 9th, 2011 by Jello Girl

Striped JelloYou read that wrong-striping NOT stripping!  Come on–look at the pictures.  Where is your mind?

Oh boy am I ever going to get some interesting comments on this one: 99% of all comments we get are spam and most of those are for porn sites- ugh… double ugh!

Jello super-heroines definately do not appreciate this!   Jello is wholesome.  It is all about family, friends, fun… and don’t forget romance.  This week we have some ideas to make your Valentines unforgettable!

Layered Jello

Striped Valentines Jello

4 (3 oz.) pkg. red jello

2 unflavored pkg. gelatin

2 cups cold milk

1 cup sugar

2 cups sour cream

2 tsp. vanilla

In a medium pan add 4 cups of water and red jello.  Bring to a boil over medium-high heat and stir until jello is completely dissolved. Turn off heat and add two cups cold water, stir to combine.  With a ladle, measure out 1 3/4 cup and pour into lightly greased 9×13 pan or desired serving dish or dishes.  Place in fridge and chill for 30 minutes or until set.  Meanwhile sprinkle 2 pkg. of unflavored gelatin over 1/2 cup cold water in a medium pan.  Let sit for 1 minute and add 2 cups milk and 1 cup sugar.  Heat over medium-high heat stirring until sugar and gelatin are dissolved.  Turn off heat and add 2 cups sour cream and 2 tsp. vanilla; whisk to combine.  When first layer is set, gently spoon 1 1/2 cups over first layer and return to fridge for 30 minutes or until firm.  Then repeat process with 1 3/4 cups red jello and 1 1/2 cups white until you have 7 total layers.  It is best to keep red jello and white mixture slightly warm.  You can keep pans on stove-top and occasionally turn heat to simmer for just a few minutes.  Then give a stir and turn off heat.

A few tips: (Hopefully these will not make it sound complicated:  it is not!  It does take sometime, but most of it is time sitting in the fridge between layers.)

1.  If the jello you add is not warm it will not adhear well to previous layer and when you serve it, the layers may slip apart.

2.  You can keep jello slightly warm on stove-top until you measure out amount to be layered.  You can keep pans on stove-top and occasionally turn heat to simmer for just a few minutes.  Then give a stir and turn off heat.

2.  The layers need to be firm before adding another layer or they will be more likely to mix into jello that you are adding.

3.  Gently- ever so gently- spoon gelatin over previous layer.  Otherwise, previous layer will get pits in it and will also melt and streak into jello that you are adding.

4.  If you are doing jello layers in individual serving dishes that will remain in serving dishes, you do not need to worry about layers sliding apart when you dish out servings; therefore, it is better to have previous layer very firm and the jello that you are adding slightly chilled, but not thickened.  This way your lines will be very distinct which looks really cool in a glass.  (If you look closely you can see that my lines are not very distinct because I was in a hurry and wasn’t very particular about it.)  You can keep jello slightly warm on stove-top until you measure out amount to be layered.  (Then quickly put the container holding this jello in a bowl of ice water.  Since the jello from stove-top is just warm, it will only take a minute or so for measured amount to chill.)

5.  The thicker the layers, the longer they will take to set.

Now Go Stripe and Have Some Valentines Jello Joy!

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