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February 15th, 2013 by Eunice

*Voting for jiggling Jello posts is now closed.  You can still comment on your favorite though, we love to get comments!

We have decided to celebrate Jello Week by posting top Jiggling Jello posts from around the web!  We found these fabulous Jello blog posts and have let the bloggers/jello masters know that they have been selected for our contest.  Vote for your favorite in a comment on this post or on our facebook page and the winner will receive a grand Jello prize!

Now for our contestants….

Great tutorial for Gelatin Bubbles from…  These go on our must make list from, Tami Utley sugar art.

A beautiful key lime pie from, Bonzai beadwear.

These look positively refreshing and delicious from, Yin Mom Yang Mom

So, so gross; but perfect for Halloween from, workmanfamily.

We love this candy-corn Jello.  Perfect for Thanksgiving! We also love that they are a mello-jello shot (non-alcoholic) From, Jelly shot test kitchen.

If you haven’t heard of strawberry pretzel Jello, you might want to check your pulse.  Recipes abound on the web.  Here is a different spin: a gluten free version from, feeding-a-bunch-a-munchkins.

Classic Broken Glass Jello from… I think I need to make this up for Mardi Gras with purple, yellow, blue, green.  Super job! Just Jen recipes

Seriously- Food Librarian, you are a Jello Master!  I thought this was soap.  Superb! The Food Librarian.

This is so elegant.  A romantic dessert for your sweetie on Valentines.  If you live in the U.S.A. you’ll have to convert this one from, La Mia Vita Dolce.

Here’s a Jello with love written all over it.  What a clever idea from, The hungry housewife.

13 Responses  
  • Helen+ writes:
    February 13th, 201312:23 amat

    I like the broken glass jello!!!!

  • Cathy L writes:
    February 13th, 20135:55 pmat

    I really love the Food Librarian!!

  • Cathy McCrea writes:
    February 13th, 20137:09 pmat

    I love the broken glass too!

  • Lisa writes:
    February 15th, 201312:08 amat

    Tami’s gelatin bubbles rock!!

  • Adah writes:
    February 15th, 20133:15 amat

    My vote goes for the gelatin bubbles. They are awesome.

  • Glenda writes:
    February 15th, 20134:23 pmat

    I vote for Tami’s gelatin bubbles. Awesome job

  • Samantha writes:
    February 15th, 20136:12 pmat

    //bonsai beads!!

  • Rachel writes:
    February 15th, 20137:34 pmat

    These all look so amazing, but my vote is for the tricolor one from food librarian! Amazing!

  • Joan writes:
    February 15th, 20138:28 pmat

    I vote for the gelatin bubble cake. Love it!

  • donna writes:
    February 16th, 20133:26 amat

    love the bubbles! voting for Tami’s cake with gelatin bubbles!!!

  • Jeff reeves writes:
    February 18th, 20134:51 amat

    La Mia Vita Dolce

  • debs reevage writes:
    February 18th, 201311:55 pmat

    I love love love anything in key lime…. that is my vote. Put you on facebook and on my blog :)

  • Tlynn writes:
    February 20th, 201311:37 pmat

    Although they don’t jiggle, the bubbles are my favorite of course.

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