Red Hot Valentine!
February 14th, 2010 by Jello Girl

It’s Jello Week and I am sure you are still involved with celebrating, but we must look ahead to Valentines as it is only a day away!  Eunice and I have been busy in our secret kitchen (not unlike Batman’s bat cave) working on a powerful potion to snare your sweetie.  Here is our version of a recipe to melt your honey’s heart.

Red Hot Jello

6 oz. Raspberry Jello

4 oz. Red Hots

1 Cup Boiling Water

2 Cups Chilled Carbonated Beverage (We like Fresca)

20 oz. Crushed Pineapple, drained well

Pop Rocks or colored sugar crystals

Pour 1 cup hot water Red Hots and Jello into a small pan.  Heat to boiling over medium high heat and continue to stir until completely dissolved.  Cool to room temperature.  (You can speed this up by placing pan in a sink of ice water.)  Mix in carbonated beverage.  Place pan in fridge until Jello is slightly thickened and then stir in pineapple.

Garnish serving dishes by dipping rim, ever so slightly (or it will run down the side) into light corn syrup.  Then dip into pop rocks or colored sugar crystals.

Carefully pour Jello into serving dishes.  Put in fridge and chill until set.  If that doesn’t heat up your love life, there may be no hope.

Now go have some Red Hot Jello Joy!

6 Responses  
  • Lydia writes:
    February 4th, 20147:47 pmat

    Hello, Joy of JELL-O! I work at the advertising agency that does Social Media work for JELL-O and we’d love to talk with you about this awesome recipe. Can you please email me at the address provided? Thanks!

  • Jennifer Walls writes:
    February 11th, 20144:33 pmat

    Sounds good

  • Devon writes:
    February 11th, 20149:08 pmat

    Can you also make this a drink with liquor. If so, can you post reciepe.

  • Devon writes:
    February 11th, 20149:10 pmat

    I would just substitute the carbonated drink with some flavored vodka

  • Jello Girl writes:
    February 11th, 20149:22 pmat

    Yes, you can just substitute carbonated drink with some liquor although vodka may be a bit strong, but you could give it a try and see!

  • Karyn McGee writes:
    May 29th, 20142:35 pmat

    Quick jello mold made in blender

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